5 March 2015

How I Clean my Make-Up Brushes

How do I clean my makeup brushes ???

I always dread this day of the month, its brush cleaning day! As my collection of brushes grow, so dose the task of looking after them all. I have a simple regime that i try to do in the first week of every month to keep the clean. I have found if I leave them to get clogged up I start to get spots, and dry skin. I think its really important to try and clean them regularly. Hopefully this short guide will help you when cleaning yours.

Step 1.

Step 1, Take your dirty brush and run it under hot water. You must make sure that through out this process to always hold the brush facing down, if you don't water can run up inside and ruin the glue and this will make the bristles fall out (trust me I've made this mistake)

Step 2

Step 2, apply a small pea sized blob of hand soap to the brush (any brand will do). Then swirl the brush in a circular movement on the palm of your hand. This will help work all the old make up out. Then squeeze the brush to get excess water and soap out. I f the brush doesn't look clean repeat this stage.

Step 3

Step 3, once you feel the brush is clean run it under hot water, if the water runs off dirty still repeat step 2. But if its runs clean, carefully dry the brush with a hand towel and leave to dry. I leave mine to dry over night and normally they are ready to use the next morning.

Hope that was helpful to some of you. Let me know if you do anything different, or have any advice on how I could improve my own regime. 

Speak soon, Sophia xxx.


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